Easy Easter Side Dishes 

Looking for delicious Easter appetizers and side dishes to complement your holiday feast? Then check out this collection of easy recipes!

This selection of Easter recipes is easy to make, and perfect for spring. From classics like deviled egg salad to air fryer and globally inspired recipes, get ready to be inspired!

Reasons to love:



These air fryer green beans with Parmesan cheese, garlic, and lemon are crispy, and delicious.



This deviled egg salad with capers and bacon is creamy delicious,  and perfect to serve on sandwiches, wraps and more! It is keto-friendly too!


Serve these garlic air fryer croutons alongside your soups, salads, and more! - Alternatively, give them to your guests as a gift from your kitchen!



This Moroccan carrot salad seasoned with flavorful warm seasonings is an easy side dish to serve alongside your favorite mains!



Own an air fryer? Then use it to make the best roast potatoes! These potatoes are crispy outside, fluffy inside, and the perfect side dish!



- This spicy and tasty Jamaican steamed cabbage with carrots is a must-have on any Easter table! It is easy to make, keto-friendly, can be made ahead,  and is extremely flavorful.

 Salad Shirazi is a flavorful Persian tomato and onion-based salad that is easy to make, yet so tasty, it will make a statement  on your Easter table.


There is no going back once you try this creamy and delicious German egg salad with apple! This salad is also a great way of making use of leftover boiled eggs.



Crispy and sweet air fryer sweet potato cubes topped with some delicious honey that you will love!


Creamy and delicious German Green Bean Salad (also known as Bohnensalat) is wonderfully flavored with sour cream, dill, and white wine vinegar!


These sautéed button mushrooms flavored with balsamic vinegar, garlic, butter, and thyme are the best! They are incredibly tasty, can be whipped up in 15 minutes, plus, they are vegetarian!

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