Air Fryer Sweet Potato Cubes

These air fryer sweet potato cubes make for an amazing side dish. Enjoy them for dinner, or on special holidays such as Thanksgiving.


✓these are perfect to serve as a side, or even enjoy for breakfast. ✓perfect combination of flavorful and crispy. ✓ can be made using different seasonings.

You will need the following ingredients:- - sweet potatoes.   -some olive oil.  - salt and pepper.  -  honey (or maple syrup).


How to make 

- gather all your ingredients. - clean and peel the sweet potatoes; leave the skins on if you prefer.

How to make this recipe (continued)

- trim the ends, then cut the sweet potatoes into regular-sized cubes or chunks.

- in a medium-sized bowl, season the sweet potato cubes with salt, pepper, and olive oil then combine to mix.

How to make this recipe  (continued)

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-transfer to the air fryer basket. - do not overcrowd, or else the sweet potato cubes will not crispen up properly.

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How to make this recipe  (continued)

How to make (continued)

once done, transfer the sweet potato chunks to a bowl and  drizzle with honey (or maple syrup). - you can also top them with some cinnamon.

Grab the printable recipe for this Air Fryer Sweet Potato Cubes Recipe and full nutritional information via the link below.